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Men In Speedos

Yep bt42, gotta agree with you, I'm definitely a speedo guy. These days I think that makes us old fashioned....Feel a bit sorry for the younger guys who seem comitted to wearing those baggy shorts all summer....and how would ya get a decent tan anyway!

Mind you...gotta work out...heaps of sit-ups keep the bod in shape, which is an effort, but worth it ( fat /hairy guys in speedos...not a good look.) I'm a runner so I shave my legs anyway, so just shave more so I can wear speedos.

And like you...with speedos, the briefer the better. Love the ones with narrow sides and the feminine look. 

dk31 dk31 51-55, M 3 Responses Jul 29, 2009

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I agree, I grew up wearing speedier, I hate the baggy shorts that are almost long enough to be pants.

Thanks bs, sounds like you have a dream job.

d on't be shy or put off by wearing a hot pair of speedos. It don't matter whether you're thin,fat,hairy,smooth,white or dark. just wear them to feel comfortable in. i wear them for 8 to 9 hours in swimming pools. and there're alot of women young & old around me. I attend meetings, run erns work on a food canteen type reports in the pools office in notining but skimpy speedos a small round neck tee with jogging shoes. and there're like 30 + women around me and about a few guys who visit the resort. my boss she is fine with it. it soo comfy and i feel confident in them they energize me alot. i've about 30 of them will pose some pics in the near furture for the board to see. by the way the pics are speedos only.... (: so till then stay kool in ur speedos.