Wish I Could Go To The Beach In A Speedo

I am new to the whole speedo thing. I cannot understand why I like them, I just think that they look great. Unfortunately, most of my friends do not approve of this type of swim wear, and therefore, I have never actually worn one to the beach. While I have not worn a speedo in public, I have always wanted to just go to the beach sporting a speedo. The problem is that I know no one else who shares my love for speedos and going to the beach wearing a speedo just would not be the same. I would want to go with the support of at least one person. 

nimbusky nimbusky
22-25, M
2 Responses Feb 14, 2010

Yes!! You need to go to a beach without your friends and wear a speedo!!

mate just go to a beach away from where people know you and sport your Speedo! it's such a great feeling