I Used to Have a 'dancing Daddy'

Oh he will live on in my memory forever! His name was John but he was not typical..

We met at a country dance bar off the 101 in California. I won't ever forget how he touched me to get my attention.. He ran his finger across the small of my back..ooh that grabbed my attention!

He was 11 years my senior and we had an affair for 5 years.. We used to dance country two-step, waltz and cha-cha. We would dance circles around all the other dancers. He had a fluidity to the way he moved. He was very serious about it and was quick to teach me to follow his lead.

He would beckon me from across the room with just a wink or his eye and a nod of his head. We would meet on the dance floor and flow into the dance with perfect ease. I had many comments on how lovley it was to watch us dance.

One time he actually dropped me but just as quickly picked me up and we kept on going! The dance was better than sex sometimes.. we would get to these moments of extacy. We would even nibble at each other from time to time.

At first he wore a cowboy hat but over time he left it behind so that we could dance closer and be more intimate.

I miss him terribly every time I think about dancing. I miss the amazing way we would make magic in our cowboy boots and jeans.. mmm

PinUpPaige PinUpPaige
31-35, F
Feb 9, 2009