Bbq Sauce.

It was strange that I was the only woman invited.
Six men and me.
The BBQ started, the air filled with the aroma of smoke and cooking. I was in a bikini, well for about half and hour. Then the top was lost and something happened to the bottoms at some point.
Well, I just had to kiss the men at this point, rubbing my body against theirs.
They were all feeling a little naughty so I suggested that help with some sauce for my ribs.
I knelt on the floor in the middle of the men and got them to jerk for me.
As they came over my breasts, I wiped it up with my pice of rib and ate it!
This made them even hornier and they made me suck them hard again!
Each one got special attention and I swallowed ever drop.
My kind of BBQ!
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3 Responses Sep 16, 2012

hmmm, a bukkake bbq; would love to season your entre some time darling girl

You certainly know how to make me want barbeque

OMG You are awesome!!