Fondled By Strangers

  Some people were born to be leaders, to be muscians, to be athletes. Not me. It seems I was born to be fondled. I must have an aura aabout me or a sign on my back that reads " Please fondle me. It's OK!!! " Don't get me wrong...I love it!!! Although a lot of times I don't show it, it gets me hot knowong someone finds me attractive and sexy enough to risk fondling me. Its been done by both males and females of almost every age. Mostly strangers, but not always. I'm a 35 year old female, 5'4" tall, weigh 110 lbs, 34c-30-32 and exercise daily. The fondling started when I was 12 and continues today, although at times I dress sexy and provocative to almost " invite fondles ". I'll be wrting more and in greater detail but for now I just wanted to get started. If you've fondled a stranger or wanted to, please contact me.
helenuncovered helenuncovered
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1 Response Nov 12, 2010

wow, where have you been hiding my dear wet dream. I got excited just reading ur lil story! Please write some more. Or send me direct at<br />
I have thought about acting on impulse, but thought punishment / negative results / slaps / humiliation/ cracks from the BF or Husband / cops would be to high the risk of a 2 second pleasure. But sure, I try to burn the memory into my mind and save for later. If I had the guts to cop a feel, and the result was positive, a knowing/ come hither / welcome smile, or soft sigh of pleasure would be the key / sign for me to continue and explore the experience. Maybe find a life long friend to share moments of glorious pleasures.