You guys that wear panties need to be more careful bending over around the office lol
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can you spot panty lines on guys? I think that's how I got busted wearing panties.

sometimes, and when they show in back

Well, of course, it's possible to spot panties if they are showing. lol. I think what happened to me is that when I bent over, i had definite panty lines that are unmistakably panty lines since they were hi cut panties. Do you get a kick out of guys wearing panties, or knowing that many guys like to wear panties?

i didn't think you saw

My sissy hubby is always in panties and hose. In the summer she wears thigh highs or pantyhose. In the winter it's tights!

Why do we need to be careful?

Well you dont if you want everyone to know you wear panties.

Is that because you'll see our panties or because you'll jump our bones? LOL

uh yea

im sure some of the guys in the office wear panties too

It's not uncommon for guys to wear panties and/or pantyhose under their regular clothes. A prominent Wash DC psychologist once said that the public would be amazed at the number of males in congress that can't give a speech unless they have on panties. The thing is, were are usually pretty good at making sure no one else sees it. Sounds like you have experienced someone that either wasn't careful or perhaps they wanted you to see them.

i just think its a case of not careful, even women arent always careful and I think its tacky for women. I mean really. Do all of you want people in your work place know you do this?..I hope you would say no

You are correct across the spectrum. I also think it's tacky for anyone to expose their panties when they bend over (female or male). It kind of goes along the lines of the satiracal spin on the phrase, "just say no to crack." I have always been particularly careful and would be mortified if I did something like that. I wouldn't think of doing it purposefully.

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why when i love for you to see my panties peeking out

is that what you do at work?..make sure everyone can see?

No but I am not sure I worry about it either.

i was referring to some guys i see at

Lol true that. I've been caught out twice now that I know of this way lol