Nipple Tease

Last summer, we had some some wooden flooring fitted in our livingroom.
It was a Saturday morning, and my wife had gone to supermarket and the bank, to pay for the work.
When she left, I placed half a dozen photos of her naked, and in various sexual positions, under the fireside rug.
As the workmen set about their task, I made the excuse of having run out of milk and was popping out to the local shop for 10 minutes.
I knew the first thing they would do was lift the fireside rug and alongside an old newspaper, come across the photos of my naked wife.
I closed the front door and watched, as they discovered the pics and went slowly through them all, examining them carefully and commenting on her **** and *****.
There was even one I took where she was fingering herself to an ******!
When I "arrived back", I made a noise to alert them, and shouted, from thekitchen, how they liked their coffee.
When I took the coffee through to the livingroom, the photos had been carefully placed inside the folded newspaper and put on a corner table.
Nothing was said.
But I knew that, on cue, Chris would arrive home with the groceries and money to pay the men.
Because it was a summer's day, all she had on ,covering her always braless 36d ****, was a flimsy t-shirt, with her nipples poking through like two pebbles.
The men stared, in the knowledge that they had just seen explicit pictures of my naked wife. She was blissfully unaware, and bent over several times to inspect their work, often exposing her braless **** and nipples, as they watched, and I was in heaven with my little secret.
When I saw them to the door, we thanked each other and shook hands, when one of the men smiled and said: "You might want to remove that newspaper from the table..before your wife sees what's inside it!"
I just acted ignorant and wished them a good afternoon!
I bet they had plenty to talk about with their mates down the pub later on!
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My kind of customers!

Amazing story! Would love to hear more and see more if allowed. You are a lucky man!

Nice story. Would love to see your wife's nipples too!

good times well done very sexy story and thought of you and your wife making it in the open - in view of other to watch has me hard and stroking my veiny hard **** meat ready to blow my load... just a few more strokes please... any more stories? sd

now that's the way to compensate workers in your home. the best reason for having such photos is to share them in exactly such instances as this.

Everyone was happy! It did no harm - and no, I didn't tell her!<br />
But I have to say, we often have sex in public, when we are on holiday; either on the balcony or in our apartment, with side-lights glowing, knowing that any neighbours in rooms across from ours, perhaps out for a smoke, or just a breath of fresh air can see us explicitly.<br />
At home though, it is different, unless it is our best friend, who stays over a few times a year.<br />
But we have slept together and shared a caravan holiday with him and he is really like an extension of our own relationship.<br />
He was my best man, all those years ago, and never ceased to be our closest friend, even when we have an argument ( any couple who says they don't argue are liars!).<br />
He never takes sides, and are named in each other's Wills, as executors, should anything ever happen to one before the other.<br />
A closer friendship, nobody could ever hope to have.<br />
PS: I have slept and photographed him and his wife, two nights before they were married. My wife knows this, and totally accepts it, having slept with him, and me, a a couple of years before.<br />
Intense?Yes. I accept that it wouldn't work for everyone. But it does for us and I we are all totally thankful for true friendship.<br />

hot or what?

great story, you naughty boy!

You did a fun thing for you and the workers.