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Nipples On Display With A Smile

I love it when a man admires my nipples. I love it when they are on display, either bare, through a blouse or through something sheer. Whenever I have a repairman over, I never wear a bra and I always pick something that will show off the curve of my large breasts and allow my nipples to poke happily through. It is such a turn on when I get a compliment about what I am wearing when I am dressed to show. I always smile and encourage them to enjoy the view. It's exciting to see a man obviously enjoying my nipples and I often share that with them. I find it makes them more at ease to look. I also love when they jiggle freely. I will comment on how being braless is so much more comfortable and then shimmy so they sway playfully to let it be known how much I like it. Once a man knows that the invitation to look is wide open, its so much more fun.
happynakedchick happynakedchick 51-55, F 42 Responses Dec 4, 2010

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I love nice big very suckable nipples, and I love to tease them with my fingers and tongue.

lol i hope you get a discount

Love when my wife is braless.

We need more girls like you in the world!

I'm sure more than one has taken the invitation for more than looking :)

just love your confidence and exhibitionism - you're one hot babe!

you are the kind of woman i need to meet.

I wouldn't want to miss a woman like you giving me permission to look at her nipples, so please tell me how you would tell a man that you are giving him your permission to enjoy looking at your nipples. How do you say it to him, please?

When I see a man looking at me, I arch my back a bit and when he (typically) looks at my chest, I look him directly in the eye and smile, arching just a touch more. If he blushes or looks a little embarrassed and he is close enough to hear, I will say something like, "thank you, it's nice to be appreciated" and if he responds, I tell him that I don't mind at all, if a man shows his appreciation. I find that men generally will then continue to look. And at that, my nipples tend to get harder, which just makes it all the more fun for each of us.

What a sweet response! I've always wondered how I might complement a woman on her lovely display of her breasts & nipples and not get slapped or kicked for being rude. So many gals complain that all men do is talk to their chest, so they train us to at least not get caught looking at them. Maybe the compliment is for women to watch our bulge grow or even twitch, but would she have the fear that her reaction would, likewise, be inappropriate if my reaction showed at all.

Thanks for talking about this subject and being so willing to share your attractive assets.

I in turn would allow you to view & touch my hard *** dripping **** by way of a thankyou

Wow ! Thats what I love to hear, and see. I so enjoy the view, very tantalizing to wonder just what they really look like when they are bare. I am at the grocery store almost every day as that is a great place to see !!

Agreed! Your exposure under cover sounds exciting. Your nipples must stand out quite a bit. I can only imagine how wonderful they must really stick out, then really stick out when erected via stimulation.

I bet some women like to look too.

I always look at there nipples first and really love it when they juggle walking by me.

Make me want to be your handyman! Agree there is nothing better than a woman freeboobing and showing perky nipples, and sometime with the right v neck some great cleavage! Thenks for the story!

I love admire and touch ! <br />
Do you love being touched also?<br />
kiss you on your nipples <br />
please add me if you like<br />


you ned to display them for the pizza man too. You are awesome.

Wow ... <br />
I love to look, but only when invited to do so ... so to receive an invitation would be heaven!! :)

You tell it all about my interests in breasts : the breast shape (large), poking nips and best of all the breast movement of a bra free large breast. I would LOVE to see more if you let me get some peeks. But I am very shy so I am glad you help me out after my first compliment with some further comments like the blouse colour etc. Do you need some fixing in your house ?

Thanks for being proud of the blessing you have and being free to share it! When a woman accepts the admiring gaze, it makes it easier to give her the praise that she deserves.

I love the look of swaying breasts and nipples beneath a shirt or sweater. It is so natural, and yet, so erotic.

so what else is broken in your house.......................

I love it when women are not afraid to show off their bodies. I love to see erect nipples pressing against a sheer fabric, leaving nothing to the imagination - as you said - an invitation to look. Every breast/nipple combination is different and it can add so much to how you look. I applaud you for being so open. It can be a lot of fun just rubbing a woman's nipples with your fingers and pinching them lightly, and see how they change. I can already feel myself leaking some precum just thinking about this. Ah yes, the possibilities.

Oh yes, my kind of woman!

I wish i was your repairman

A simple compliment such as "I like your blouse" is a good indication that a man notices but is safe enough to be considered simply a generic compliment. <br />
<br />
In my case, I always make some sort of follow up comment about the shirt being a bit tight or asking if you like the color, so that it invites further discussion. Often the man will provide an answer but if he brings up a follow up comment or answers with more than a simple yes or no, then I know he is interested in looking and I always smile and bring the conversation back to my appearance, specifically my "blouse". <br />
<br />
From there, I don't hesitate to mention that obviously I am much more comfortable braless and I hope that doesn't make him uncomfortable, etc.

I have been an in home computer repairman for 20 years. I have never encountered a woman who wanted to show or involuntarily showed. I keep waiting and hoping

yes , you definitely have beautiful nipples. wish i could be there to admire them and suck on them.

Honesty is best. I want to look, you want to show. No since playing games with it. Let's just have a good time.

Am a very good handyman would love to do some fixing around your place .love nipples showing hard aginest something that rubs them. just to far away to do much but would sure tell you how nice they were. Know a woman now that has awesome nipples and loves to have them sucked, cant wait till get to again. keep up your showing we all love to look .