I Live With Two Men!

Ole and Carl are bestfriends, they have been since kindergarten. I met them when they were visiting the Alpine resort I was working at three years ago, and I agreed to travel here to Norway with them.

They share me, which is fun, and certainly pleasureable, and they were instrumental in helping me get started as a yoga teacher here in Kristiansand. I am having quite a time of it, exploring many things and trying to integrate into a society so different from my own at home in France.

We discuss many topics and I can say they have influenced my view of things since moving here! They will always express themselves, in the various ways they like, and sometimes they are EXTREME in what they say and do, which is in itself something unique about them.
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4 Responses Sep 2, 2012

I always wonder why more women don't see the advantage to living with two guys.

well I like this story, such a different view life

Sounds like an amazing friendship

More men should be able to express themselves. The world would be an much more mature, peaceful environment.