Love To Wear Tights As Underwear In Winter

I'm a masculine guy in shape.
As I worked outside by very cold weather I tryed to wear men's underwear but I find it too thick. So I went to the mall and buy me some women's tights.

I started with black wool tights and then discovered I was also very confortable at home with sheer pantyhose (footless or not) to sleep with…

I wish I could have a partner to share it as a natural way of I stay at home clothes

I now do love to wear them under my jeans and buy more tights and pantyhose.

Do you think it is ok for a guy to do this ?
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So comforting and calming

Of course it is, I don't like to wear the waffle style men's thermal undies in cold weather. I decided to try panty hose and leggings, and the difference is nite and day. Besides the panty hose or leggings are so comfortable and feel more sensual and warm against your skin.

'Course it is. I used to wear them for the same reason you do. If the temps went into the teens or lower I would wear long johns OVER the ph. I wear them for another reason, too. As I said in my reply to "Can anyone help me understand why some men like wearing women's underwear and clothes, etc...", I wear them as often as possible, weather permitting, because it's kinky. For the same reason, I wear panties, garters and stockings, bras, anything I can get away with. The satisfaction factor for me is the fact that I'm doing it in front of everyone and they don't know crowds, with friends, even family. I used to wear things at business meetings, too. A great thrill as far as I'm concerned.


Of course it's OK.

Ihave all sorts of tights, sheer, different denier4 opaques, natural shades and colours in both.

I wear tights every day. I even wear them outside under shorts.


Perhaps it is for me easier than for most men - I am a professional artist and well-known in my hometown of Maastricht, the Netherlands - but in autumn, winter and spring I wear always, every day, tights. Often with shorts. My tights are not always black, but I wear often bright colors and patterns. For me, tights are simply a unisex type of clothing. It is the way you wear it, not the type of clothing which makes it male or female.

I use sheer nylon socks and they are much more comfortable...
I cannot answer if it is ok, in my opinion is ok (I wear sheer nylons and pantyhoses under my trousers but others teasing me-I am also a straight man), as I live in a country where they are forbidden for men.

yes i do mate hosery was mens wear back in the 1500s it's now coming back into fashion just the other day i saw man waring tights with shorts nobody seemed to mind

If you are comfortable with them and they help you out in any way, go for it!
Who cares what other think?

Yes it prefect as i do wear most of time and it very soft on legs skin also tights is for unisex as online store accepted to sell any brand, type, etc for men.. i have lots of wolford tights cos it so velvety softy but it quite dear... keep wear it to keep u warm that important from flu virus i do wear to keep myself warm.

Oh yes I wear the under jeans to work during the winter, they look and feel great. Plus I wear them around the house with just a t/shirt I just love that

There is absolutely nothing wrong with wearing pantyhose. I wear them all the time. Love the feeling of silky hose against my legs. I usually wear them under my jeans in the fall and winter.

It's fine. I always wear them. My legs feel so sexy in them.

Nothing wrong with wearing tights and pantyhose. I wear them all the time, especially in the colder months. They're warm and they feel good. Can't lose.