Here's My Stance...

Beards rock but.....
    Everthing depends on the man. I definitely like SOME sort of beard on them, if there's a choice to be had. I think the full beard is the sexiest.. but some men can't pull it off. However, for those men who can, my motto is, "The longer the better" <~~ That's what she said. ^_^ I can also get behind side burns.. but again, only a select few can pull these off nicely... very few indeed.
    I absolutely hate the "Alaskan Whaler" (That's a full beard but no mustache). I makes men look like dwarfs (The mythical ones that is). And, correspondingly, I really hate just a mustache... No matter who is sporting it, they can only look like a cheesy used car salesman or a pedo. Finally, goatees... I don't hate them. They have an alluring quality to them, but they come with a risk. They can make the wearer look rakish and dangerous, OR like a villain from some  60's sci-fi flick. (See General Zod from Superman ^_^)
    The ONLY exceptions for my guidelines are, for one, the handlebar mustache, which for some reason, makes my girly-bits tingle. However, this is, by far, the hardest category, in which, awesomeness can be achieve. This is mainly due to the fact, that they are such a dated style. Also, they are MUCH rarer than goatees which makes them stand out a lot more. Not to mention, they run the same risk as the goatee, except with them, it would be a villain of an old, silent, black and white film.. The top hat and cape seem to just superimpose themselves onto the men who have impudently and erroneously chosen a style they could not acheive. Lastly, while I don't like whalers, I'm ok with crumb-catchers (just a small chin beard) or the smaller version, a soul-patch.
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1 Response May 21, 2012

If I just forgot about shaving for less than a month, I would be the kind of man you love, I would have a thick beard, sideburns and my beard would be also over my cheeks almost up to 2" down from my eyes, I have gone for less than a week and the thick stubble is all over my face as described above, goodness knows what sort of beard I would have if I had what they call a Yeard, that is growing a beard for 1 year without shaving or trimming any off.