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A Strange Dream!

Isn't it strange. I love men with long dark hair the most. If they have deep dark eyes I am delighted. If they have brilliant blue eyes I melt.

Strange then that last night I dreamed of a man. One my imagination had made up. I had never seen this man before. I was besotted with him. He wanted me.

So yes it was a good dream. One that I enjoyed loads.

This morning however, it has occurred to me that this imaginary man had green eyes and short blonde hair.


I wonder what it means? Does it mean anything?

Ah well, hope he comes back tonight ;)
living4now living4now 41-45, F 3 Responses Jan 21, 2013

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finally growing the hair long hate having short hair

I think you should stick to whatever makes you melt ;) xxx

ah! do you have beautiful brilliant blue eyes then?

Well I have blue eyes, not for me to judge the rest x

It means you want a change from you normal type of fantasy man, less band leader and more office manager. lol

Who knows what it means, I'm no interpreter but I'll play one for EP. ;-)

Funny you should say Band leader type. The two unsigned bands I love have lead singers that are lovely looking to me, one has short hair with a stupid fringe and the other is bald with a very short howhawk! The man I was lusting after a few months ago had short spiky hair. Maybe my fantasy type man has changed and I never even realised!

I've always heard that dreams say a lot, just that it seems pretty hard to figure them out. Or in my case, even remember them.