It's Shallow But It's True...

I do love men with muscles and pecks! That's the only way I like them. I think a man who is in shape is a man of strong will and strong character. It may not always be good character but at least I know that man is not weak willed and can withstand mentally through hard times. Most men that workout have this type of mind. It’s very attractive. It goes beyond just the outer appearance, although the appearance is highly appealing. It shows deep determination and perseverance. Working out and keeping that body tight like that does not come easy. Unless he on steroids and that has a price which is not worth the pecks built on it. All natural old fashion muscle and sweat is what works for me. A man who can grab me and lift me up on the high counter top and go for what he knows (or what he about to know, Heehee).
People say it’s shallow but at least I’m honest. Others say it’s a double standard because I am not a figure 8. I say may be, but at least I know what I want. And when I do become that figure 8 I will likely to have the same determination and will in common with the man I love and we can live happily pecked ever after. ;)
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You might love me , yes even at 46...But I feel that a built guy also reveals tremendous discipline and dedication

I strong man , with well defined shoulders, arms and chest... shirtless.... swinging an axe or digging a ditch on a hot day is a sight to behold.
Pour yourself a drink , position your deck chair and enjoy ! LOL

LOL... We don't ask for much do we ?

No need to spend hours getting ready to impress us ... just get to work !


lol .. You're entitled to do that .. it's your imagination... use it well !

Nice to hear .
Everyone is happy ... And the job gets done as well ! Lol

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