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I Love Abs

its not like i dont like guys without them, but i think its just a natural instinct to go after a sexy man with great abs, they are so powerful and are great in bed, pounding you holding you doggy style with their big strong hands, just imagining those tight abs makes my ***** wet. i love giving a man with abs a blow job first i kiss down his torso starting with his neck down to his rock hard abs, then to his big hard **** and i start to suck him as he pulls my hair, so powerful, omg!!!!!!! they are just the best!!!!nothing beats a guy with abs !!
thanks for reading!!!!
rosiefreemn rosiefreemn 22-25, F 4 Responses Jul 12, 2011

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My wife prefers to be on top of the man! She can control her ******* then, and ensure she rubs just the right way on his body!

I am straight but admit rock hard abs on another guy turn me on, and I want to touch them and kiss them.

your going to love mine lilhottie