My Love ..for Men

i love men ...i love how they smell( the clean ones)..their manly hands and bodies..their attitudes..i cant wait until i have my own man....
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It sounds so "regular" if a girl says that, but when you say it it sounds so special.... I deeply hope if your wish becomes true you won't change your mind :) Good luck, cutie!

The clean ones. lol~ I love that comment~

why is such a beautiful lady without one

Aww, how sweet, I feel that way about it too, Cant wait to have My own Woman again...:-)

men are awesome-they have the ONLY TOOL that I need! lol


Hope you find one.

Keep the faith. Mr. Right is out there. Communicate, communicate, communicate. Oh did I mention communicate. That is how Pam and I grew to where we are today. Joe & Pam

I'm certain a lucky man out there will be very happy that you love him!

if the man becames yours ......... you'll soon get board of him........ better to have all the men yours! XXX

Volunteer... right here.

(AHEM!!) (clears throat trying to draw attention)

I just wear my cologne for you, baby. I bet you will love my smell.

A good looking babe as you, they're probably falling all over you. But, unfortunately, it does not mean that they are all keepers.

yeah, everyone has to kiss a few frogs until they find that prince or princess.

could i be your man???) x

that was nice to read. I hope your dreams are not shattered ever !!! x