I Love Everything About Men

I love their bodies, ....DAMN, their walk, deep voices, facial hair-all of their hair, muscles, simplistic / complexe ways. Sexuallity, smell when they sweat, strength- how they love REALLY REALLY HARD, when they fall in love. Men are so attractive to me. Not just for the looks only-(but let's be real-that especially), but for them, who they are! I like older men-older than me, I'm 38-but I look 30 on a good day, I like all races, all sizes, mostly short guys(I'm 5'0 feet tall soooo) real hard-working men, my favorite are the men who get dirty for a living! OMG! Like doing being a construction worker, a mechanic, a painter, a welder, dirt bike rider, .......etc. And the silent ones-don't talk much-not flashy. The ones who aren't afraid to make you laugh- & have fun. I JUST LOVE MEN!!!!! 
zalya zalya
41-45, F
2 Responses Feb 25, 2012

LOL - i loved reading this.

nah, But I like you more because of it!