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When I was younger I didn't have any concept of sexuality. I thought girls were cute and nice to me and I thought boys were awesome and energetic. It wasn't till I was at a urinal at school when I was around 7 and watched a handsome security guard whip his thick, hairy, **** out and take a steamy **** that I realized what I wanted when I grew up.

I couldn't stop thinking about how sexy he was gripping his thick, flaccid shaft, his big fists buried in his thick dark brown pubic hair, his head bending back as he stretched with his eyes closed, moaning a little in relief. His five o'clock shadow looking rugged. I tried desperately to avert my eyes as he shook the residual drips of **** from the tip of his **** and tuck it back into his briefs.

I was stiff as a rock. At the time I had no idea how to ********** so I took a seat in the stall until my ***** subsided. Till this day I don't understand why my primary instinct is to salivate when I see a ****.
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26-30, M
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We are hardwired to like guys, whether we like it or not. DNA, genetics,......I do go for the nature/nuture deal. I had a normal all american childhood, athlete, handsome yada yada yada........I love boys/men, *****, etc.

wow so young i must have been a late developer as i was 11 before i even looked at another guy's willie even then i didn't want to play it took another 3yrs but boy did i play
and still not stopped

I remember a similar natural attraction. When I was 10 yrs old I used to open swim at the YMCA. When showering late at night just before the YMCA closed and I got picked up by my friends parents, there was this older black man showering in the open shower room. He had an enormous ****. I loved looking at it and he knew it. I was always the last one out of the shower so I could watch him. He'd soap his **** and get a good lather going around his balls and his **** would get semi-hard and sway back and forth. It was hypnotic. He never made any advances but he knew and I knew he was giving a show. I loved it. It made my whole body tingle.

I know what you mean. I love a good looking man. turns me on so much.

For me, I think I first began to notice men's erect nipples and admire bare chests when I was at the pool or the beach.