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Boys and men. I've always preferred the company of men. My best friend is male. We have be close since the early 80's. We started out as lovers. He's been my longest relationship. 2 years.

The sexual part of our relationship is long gone. What remains now is a deep connection and understandin. He is more than family to me. I love him more than life itself.

And I've always had more male friends than female. Don't get me wrong. I love being a female and I'm very feminine but I just don't like the games that a lot of women play. Women can get very jealous and competitive. I like to cruise along at my own pace and enjoy my life as much as possible.

I love my male friends. They're loyal, intelligent, uncomplicate. They always give me a kiss and hug. Some flirt with me which is fun. But it's only for fun.

My male friends are rarely shallow and they don't mind if I need time alone. They never question it. It's so refreshing!

My male friends never bang on about their bodies or about diets. But they always know if I've dropped a few pounds and are genuinely glad for me.

My male friends are always willing to help out if I need it and are genuinely grateful if I help them out too.

They really appreciate my cooking, my attention and my advice. they are glad to have me as a friend and companion.

They're just all round the best friends a girl could have!
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I enjoyed that.

Good. I'm so glad :)