THE Two Sides

The blaming got to stop now. We must learn to be responsible for our own actions and causes and stop blaming other the things that could be and is not. We need to take a serious look at both side of the coin and realize that both have their ups and down. While we not forget that it is peoples that we are dealing with and peoples need to change for the better in life.


Yes, it is possible to be friend with a male or a female (just simple friends, nothing more nothing less). You must openly and honestly communicate your intention with the person that you are dealing with, that is quiet important because if you do that there should not anything misleading in the first place.


It is peoples who are not really sure what they want (Do they want to be your friend or your lover, or just wanting to use you for sex) will mixed and match the whole situation which could leave you lost and confused about your own self. There is nothing wrong with just being friend with someone, talk to the person, hang out at times, and do things together that you two enjoy as just friends…two peoples who are just companions in life. Someone who can be there in times of hardship, guide you into the path of righteous with a pure heart for the aim of better yourself and the relationship of friendship that two holds.

The thing is life is that if peoples cannot accept you as you present your or cannot respect your decision than there is no need to push yourself into something that is undesirable. It is important that you know you are responsible for the messages or signal that you sent to the person that you are dealing with, so kindle make sure that you are not sending mixed signals or messages.

Yes, men and women can be just friends without any problem added to that friendship. Yet in some case it is not possible, (that does not that it is impossible); you must keep in mind that just few men or women break that rules does not mean that the entire population is doomed. Usually, the peoples who desire to break that bond of friendship, do not value you enough to respect your decisions to be hi/her friends. One conditions that is acceptable is if he/she desire to married you because within the relationship of friendship, they realize that they could rather have you as a partner for life; that is a positive thing. But to just have a simple relationship or casual relationship with you that is totally negative. In most cases, friendship last longer than “other kind of relations”. A thing to admire about most men is that they will respect you more for not surrendering yourself to their advances, yet we must firmly reminding them that you're just a friend. If they stay around after that, they quite possibly are a real friend. But not necessarily. Beware of the fact that some peoples will take it as a challenge.

The reality of life is that not everyone is the same; we are all uniquely our own individuals living in the world that we chose and share it with those that we desire. Peoples enter other peoples’ life for several of reasons. We cannot judge everyone the same, chances must be given to each individual, unless he/she prove to you he/she is not worth your time, your chance, your attentions, than you must chose what you desire to do with the information that you collected. I personally know many peoples of different sex (males and females, females and males) who are just friends and some have been for many years. And yes, my dear they are just friends. While I also know that on the other side the two cannot be friends at all, because they could mix it up with something and destroy the beautiful friendship that they once had. Honestly, this is a personal, individual thing here that we are dealing with. So it is not fair for anyone to say that all males are like and all females are like that because what one value another disvalues.


Thank you for reading and your comments are welcome. PEACE

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Thank you Josie.

You are right. Thanks for sharing.