I Was Told I Had Beautiful Hands... And It Opened My Eyes To Hands

Hands are really cool. After a girl told me about her opinion on hands, I started to notice them more, all the differences and such. Take a little time and look at your hands... mmm cool huh. yup. I HAVE HANDS TOO!!

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1 Response Sep 4, 2012

ahh, to have gone so long without insight is a great mis-justice here.. Hands as they are, simply convey the means of various tools to the environment around them! a typist's hands are soft, delicate and deliberate in all their motions, while a machinist's are rough, deliberate, and forceful.. non-the-less all hands are simply a tool of conveyance for some extension, this could be physical, as the examples above illustrate, emotional, as the Uplifting touch of a mentor, or purely psychological, such as a slap on/grope of the rump meaning "I'll support you, but get moving!". No matter where the intent, or what the delivery vehicle is, a touch can boil down to one base meaning.. "I'm here, this is my intent for you".

now where do you stand?