Your Hands Are So Perfect...Please Don't Waste Their Beauty On Anyone Else But Me.

The minute he took my hands to lead me to our table...I felt the sex burn inside me.  They are so masculine, so beautiful, so long and elegant.  They caress me with a tenderness but hold them tight to his chest.  I can't take my eyes off them and imagine them caressing me.  They way he uses them to tell his stories.  I can't stay away from them.  Don't move. Don't keep them to yourself.  Please let me travel from one knuckle to another massage each as I go so I can relish every moment they are within my grasp.  So Perfect.  So talented.  So absolutely flawless.  I would love to watch them work on wood, I know my patience would run thin.  Allowing no time to go by before I grasped them to my breast, take a nibble, suck on them before I let you have them back.  You will never be able to go more than a minute before I would want to suckle them again. 

AmethystQueen57 AmethystQueen57
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3 Responses Feb 8, 2010

haha ... very good Amethyst ... persevere with posting stories on here ... I have lots of erotic stories posted ... you'll get feedback eventually ... it takes time to build up a "readership" and sometimes you have to let friends know that you've posted something as they can miss it ... good luck!! I liked the way the story was very gentle and yet really erotic and sensual ... I enjoyed it!!

Thank you, womanbliss...yours is the very first feedback, ever, to my writing in a public forum (nevermind I've never written in a public forum, lol!) ...other than professors, family or a lover or two! What an awesome feeling. I understand now...even though I've been told all my publish. I felt other than the stellar 8 hour Danielle Steel Movie of my life, what could I possibly contribute?

Very nice Amethyst ... excellent story!!