White Jockey Briefs Fetish

Wearing White Jockey Briefs and seeing other men in them has turned me on since i was 12 and saw other boys in them and also jockstraps. I wore boxers and knew when i saw how others wearing briefs looked that I had to wear them too. I used to see my Dad in his jockeys too and was very turned on by this at age 14. I've collected briefs (always white) ever since then and still do after all these years. In the years before the computer, I had albums full of pics of men in their briefs and jockstraps. I cut them out of **** mags and even magazine ads in Life magazine etc. and viewed them to ********** for hours. Over the years I have insisted that my partners wear them too. Of course all of this feeds my addiction to ************ which I consider a beautiful gift of nature. Some are surprised that I am so sexually active at 70 but I call it a great blessing. Hope others will share their stories about this too.
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66-70, M
1 Response Nov 3, 2012

My friend, I also have been obsessed with White Jockey brand briefs, I have always worn them since I was a young boy, I have tried boxer briefs some many years ago, but they were a real turn off, and not comfortable at all for me!!!! I have also in the last year or so tried some colored Jockey Briefs, which I find attractive also, but the White Jockey Briefs are the biggest turn on and I feel the sexiest!!!! Thank you for sharing your thoughts on this subject also!!!! :)

You have a great point there Gshowr!!!!! Thank you for your input!!!! :)