I Agree, Metal Does Rule.

I have an older brother, growing up he got me into the softer stuff, like korn, mudvayne. I thought it was cool. Years later, when I was about 15, my aunt introduced me to the doors. I ******* love the doors, went to paris and visited his grave. Anyways, she, my aunt, also introduced me to metallica. Now, i have heard of them at that point, but i never actually listened to them. I loved it! We would all get wasted and head bang to hatebreed, bands like that. Then, when I was about 16 i really started to listen to the good stuff. Suicide silence, lamb of god, Emmure. I fell deeply in love with Slayer in high school. Anyways, pretty much, i love metal. Any kind, i favor death core and metal core, but i swear you not I used to fall sound asleep to black metal. Behemoth and such. I can never get enough of metal. i listen to everything else also. From cypress hill to classical to the breathing process. Rose funeral rules. Keep headbanging!!! Check out this website....


VictemOfSuicide VictemOfSuicide
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