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How I Discovered Metallica :)

I never thought I would really enjoy listening to Metallica.
The first time a heard a song of Metallica was because a friend of mine said you have to listen.
He is a really big fan of Metallica.( yes it's a boy and that's also the reason why i would listen to something I didn't want to :p)
The first song I heard was 'nothing else matters'! It wasn't bad but it was a genre of music I've never listened to before.
So I searched for other songs to make a good impression!
And I liked 'unforgiven I & II of metallica and my friend was very happy.
But after a while, I kind of liked almost all their songs.
Thanks to him I discovered Metallica and so many more good bands :)
I really love Metallica now :D
And I wish that someday I'll see them live together with my friend ofcourse :)

DrowningInMyOwnSorrow DrowningInMyOwnSorrow 18-21, F 2 Responses Jul 10, 2011

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have u ever listened to their S&M album? you know the one with the SanFrancisco Symphony? Omg...its absolutely beautiful with the violins and stuff.The kind of music that gives you goosebumps..ya know?