One.. Waltz

Last week I was in dance class learning the waltz. My partner wasn't there as he had work that night and needed to sleep before hand. While I learned I noticed that it was a 3 count... and was wondering what song could we dance this to. The song that came to mind was One.

This week he went to class which was the last one so the instructor made it a review for next semester. When we started the waltz he was really concentrating... so serious. I looked at him and asked him what kind of music he thought we could dance this to. He didn't know... so I started singing One. At first he didn't know the song I was singing when it clicked he couldn't stop laughing.

I haven't listened to Metallica since the Sandman CD. I like the old stuff. Strangely I'm hearing a few of their songs out of the blue.

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2 Responses May 1, 2008

St. Anger sucked!!<br />
<br />
Black is the best album!

He was laughing too hard to dance... maybe in a couple days. He got the mp3 in his phone... I'll keep you posted!