I First Came Across Them

when I was 14 and at a party.  Now, I was pretty drunk, and stoned, but I remember this soo vivdly lol.

I was sitting at a table that was crowded with long necks..(lion brown) the hash was on the knives and there was tin foil everywhere lol..  I reached over to hit the bucket and this booming guitar riff almost knocked me over!!  It was the song 'Sad but true'.  I choked on my bucket, lol.. and asked who this band was.  They said Metallica.  I sat there in a stoned daze listening to this song and fell into it's spell.  By the end of the night I knew all the song on that album, all the lyrics, and me and my sister and our boyfriends at the time were singing along to it. 

As time went on I came across their other albums, 'ride the lightening' being my favourite, and have listened to them ever since.

But everytime I listen to the Black Album it always takes me back to my younger days and all the good times I had surrounded by good friends, great pot and excellent music!

Maqi Maqi
26-30, F
2 Responses May 28, 2009

When I first heard "Smells Like Teen Spirit", I thought it was the most incredible sound that I'd ever heard.

LOL.. sorry, you are so correct!!