Ole' To That

Every time I eat Mexican food, I want to talk in Spanish.. wink  The spices and sauces ..mmm! Tacos, Burritos, salsa and cheese dips. I make my own tacos and they are very good..greasy ..but I do drain the shells nicely after they're fried.  Shells in a box are gross to me..but then , each one of us has a preference.  I make a great enchilada casserole.In that I use ground beef or shredded beef, re fried beans, onions and a lot of cheese.It's a nice bubbly casserole, on a cold day. Just fill soft shells with any mixture you love. I cover them in sauce and cheese..bake till it's browned . Everything is cooked in the filling,  so it's done in 30 minutes.  Not bad at all!
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3 Responses Jul 29, 2010

Me too littlepurr..naturally I have nothing here that even resembles Mexican..let alone spicy..WAH!

mmmm, me oves spicy Mexican food, this made me hungry!

Me too Celticsoul..I think Taco Bell is gross.that's not EVEN home cooked?? questionable Mexican food. EW!