It Has To Be Home Made.

I dont ever remember having mexican food at home until after we went to visit family in san diego, california in 1963. For dinner one night my aunt made home made taco's and I was hooked. I like the soft corn shell's with mine, just grease the skillet and heat one side for about 15 second's and flip it for another 15 second's and remove it. I over eat everytime I make them and eat most time's five of them. My enchilada's for the longest were rolled up when I made them until my mother told me to just make it by layer's and it is much easier. plenty of sauce and cheese is what make's it good. Last time I made them I used chicken and really liked that too. Gotta have my hot pepper's in there too or why even make it. These day's you can get all kind's of mexican food in a box meal at the grocery store but you give up taste with them thing's. Either make it from scratch or go out to a real mexican resturant and get the real thing, or just leave it alone and have a hotdog.
Robert1256 Robert1256
51-55, M
Aug 23, 2010