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Ultimate Fajitas are my favorite. I mean how can you go wrong with chicken,beef,shrimp and pork? Exactly you can't especially when you add all the cheese, sour cream and grilled onions and peppers....My other favorite is Seafood Enchiladas with shrimp and scallops...YUMMY!!  Add chips and salsa and a Sangria Margarita and what could be better....Nothing!
sexxydiva sexxydiva 36-40, F 9 Responses Aug 9, 2011

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OMG Diva, that has opened my appetite right up, I am feeling like having that right now... But I will refrain and put that on my list of things to have soon :)

Girl it is...So delicioso!! :-)

Now look what you did, got me here all hungry and needing food, lol. That sounds soooo good :)

It is soooo GOOOD!!! Love It!!

So bad are you!!!

LMAO...I've been compared to a lot of things but never Mexican food..but somehow it fits... I like..I am Hot and Spicy!!!

Never had butter on mine? Would love to taste your salsa??

I didn't forget the guacamole,I just hate it.... But I do love homemade salsa.I make it myself sometimes and let's not forget the warm tortillas with butter!!! Yes it's so good!!

I love fajitas too i always get a chicken, beef and shrimp but you forgot the guacamole can't forget that?? With hot fresh salsa i make my own this time of the year with fresh tomatoes,peppers,red onion, garlic, cilontro and lime juice Mmmmmmmmm soooooooooooo good!!!