I am a big fan of food, but by far mexican food is my favorite. I love the different flavors, the different ways it's prepared, the different things you can get and how different it's made at every mexican restaurant. I can't say what's my favorite, but I have a few favorite, I love the white queso dip and the bean dip, I love taco salad as long as it doesn't have guacomole, and I love, love, love tacos. I can honestly say that I could live on mexican food, if it weren't for the fact that sometimes my stomach doesn't like the spicyness of it. I could eat just about anything as long as it's not seriously spicy.

I first got into liking mexican food after I visited my uncle and aunt in TN, and they would have tuesday night taco night. It wouldn't just be a night with tacos, he would make his own homemade salsa dip and it would be from products he grew himself. The first time I tasted one of the salsas that he made, I fell in love, it was spicy but it wasn't so bad that you would need something to drink after having one bite. It had many different flavors, and yes I will say it was by far the best salsa I had ever had. But when we moved down there I always went and he would give me more salsa to taste and each time it would get more and more spicy. Finally he had a salsa for us and a salsa for the rest of the family.  I would love those days, not only because of the food, but because I got to spend time with my family while eating a food we all loved. Then came the saturday taco days at the local mexican restaurant and I fell in love with that place and the food. The owner was an older man who moved to the U.S. when he was 16 and worked in the restaurant business till he could finally afford his own and to bring his family here. He was an amazing man and an amazing cook. He would specially make my taco salad because he knew how I liked it.

I have loved mexican food since I was a little girl and I will always love it. I might not get to eat it that often but when I do, I grub on it big time. I don't waste one single thing. I have also tried to fenture into other food types and I have but mexican is by far my favorite and will always be. So yes, I love mexican food! I can thank my uncle for introducing me to it and I will always remember our tuesday night taco dinners and our saturday lunches at The Cantina in Bellvue, TN.
bubblycamogirl bubblycamogirl
18-21, F
Mar 25, 2012