New Mexican Salsa Business For Female Entrepreneur

I've been following business owner Marcela Flores-Newburn since she began her business 'Rico Mexican Kitchen' via

Her business is making Mexican salsas, truly authentic and delicious food. She's been working really hard, and is learning so much already. She's been travelling the UK too running tasting sessions and getting loads more fans for Rico.

I wanted to tell you guys about her and what she's been up to because you love Mexican food too! So, check out her story on and let me know your thoughts - is there a market for authentic sauces? Can she keep this business going while being a mother and wife as well? Would you buy her sauces?

I look forward to hearing your thoughts :-)


LauraInaFishbowl LauraInaFishbowl
22-25, F
Feb 19, 2010