I Think Bi ********* Sex Is The Best Of Both Worlds

Sharing a woman, especially a wife, is a fantasy that I ********** to often.  Two men / ***** ravaging a woman and to her heart's desire and playing freely with each other's ***** with her as an active participant leaves me raging hard. To me, It's the best of both sexes.

I love women... everything about them.  And the thought of undressing and pleasuring a woman gets me going in a way that the thought of being with another man never could. On the other hand, I feel a sense of accessibility and common horniness with other guys that I don't see / feel from the women that I know.  If you go on to craigslist and look at the ads, there are a 100 horny guys, each one **** hard and wanting something to happen.  And only about 10 women, most of whom are only there to try to scam some money or trick men into logging on to a web site.

It's not that I think men are hornier then women (although, in my experience they are).  It's more that men's sexuality is more accessible, easier to reach out to and make something sexual happen.  If I left my house right now, the chances of my finding a woman to bed would be slim; whereas the chances of me being able to find another guy to jerk off with get a blow job from is near 100%.  And so, while this what I'm looking for, the mere fact that it's out there and within hypothetical reach, is a turn on.

So, give me a fellow horn dog with an aching appreciative **** coupled with that wonderful, beautiful wet horny willing goddess that is woman and it's pretty much my idea of the best of the best.

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12 Responses Mar 5, 2010

I second MissSass's assessment--being a woman attended by two men is just tons of fun. It's awesome having two guys' hands on your body and, especially when they know what to do with it, it's pure heaven. I always have to fight Hubby for the other guy's *** but that's one argument we love to have!

Well written! Yes, *I* am easy!! But it is so much more fun with a woman involved. It turns me on to no end to suck a **** while a woman watches, or to suck a **** WITH a woman!

Well I guess I am a little easy!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

lol Willboo... one doesn't want to develope a reputation!

I can only imagine the pure exctasy it would be for the F in the mix if she is 100% into it. I would love to find out...???

MissSass, only a couple of times ??????

I have been the "F" a couple of times and it has always been mind-blowingly hot! I cant comment from a guys point of view but as a woman... it sure is a turn on!

Now let me think!..............................................................lol

any way a mmf is awesome, I have had several and as always I have enjoyed both male and female!

You got me there!!!!! :))

You say that like being "easy" is a bad thing. lol

You calling me easy!!!!!!