I Love Michael Buble!! He is such an amazing singer and i love how his songs are fun and upbeat but the best part about his songs are that i can understand what he's singing!!! Lol I'm only 19 but even i know that what passes for music now-days is just crap with a loud beat and jibberish being yelled or said really fast :-] which is why i absolutly Love Michael!! Lol the only part i don't like is that my mother got me to listening to him so in truth i guess i am turning into her...ugh...Lol :-] I love his song "Save the last dance for me" It is amazing!! Ok i think i'm done talking about him now...but i'm going to go listen to that song now lol :p

Adaire89 Adaire89
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1 Response Mar 4, 2009

He really should change that last name, though. I mean, Buble? C'mon, that's like Eugene Shmendrick. Just sayin'.