Michael Is My Hero

I didn't know about Michael Jackson until the day he died. I knew some of his songs before, like Rock with you and Bad and Billie Jean and Heal the World... but I never actually knew who was the singer. Most of the times, sorry to say, I thought it was a woman singing :o Anyways, I love this guy because he's so different from all the other performers. His songs are the only ones that I could relate to, like Stranger in Moscow and Leave me alone... I seriously wish people would just LEAVE ME ALONE!!
He's a great artist who will never be forgotten. I will always love his music no matter how old I get and I will teach my children about this wonderful man. Also, he is one of the only artists who I could have any real respect for.

Besides that his songs are a great comfort to me and I listen to them very often. There is only one person who could ever come before him and that is Jesus. I hope to see both of them, as well as family and friends who have passed on, in Heaven someday.
R.I.P 1958-2009

Peace & Love to you all!
megamjfan megamjfan
18-21, F
Feb 10, 2013