Free Show

I'm not the least bit jealous when other men are checking out my girl friend. I encourage her to show off her beautiful body by wearing clothes that are very revealing. But, they don't get to see the whole show at once. Sometimes, I have her wear a pair of tight jeans along with a cut off ribbed tank top stretched tightly over her 40E ****.

Other times, I feel like having her show off the other end. Then, she wears a pair of barely there booty shorts or a stretchy micro mini skirt, sometimes with panties, sometimes without. She has several of those skirts that just cover her *** cheeks, until she sits down. Then, the skirt rides all the way up so that she has to cross her legs or keep a napkin across her lap.

I always wear sun glasses so that I can watch how many guys are checking her out. Sometimes we prearrange for me to purposely walk about 15 feet behind her and have her drop something on the sidewalk, then bend over to pick it up, so that I can watch the reactions of the guys around her as she exposes her entire bottom, as well as her smooth *****, peaking out from between her legs.

After doing that a few times, I'm so horned up that I want to **** her right there. And, quite a few times, she's picked up guys to bring home to **** her while I watch. I just kick back in a chair and edge my ****, being careful to not go too far. As soon as he's out the door, after ******* her and pumping her full of his ***, it's my turn to climb on and see how long I can last before I blast a second load of *** deep inside her ****. All the while, she's wearing that same micro mini skirt.

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3 Responses Dec 18, 2010

This is in my fantasy..... but my gf is way too shy..... :(

A previous (older b/f ) loved to show me off in public could be at the beach, nite club, or just shopping<br />
the more attention I got the more he liked it...bought me short skirts and dresses often to exhibit .me....<br />
always had me flash truckers when we travel...and wear the most revealing bikinis we could find....<br />
by the end of the day he would explode like a racehorse with excitement!!

It's even more fun when he shares you!!! I had a b/f who did that with me. My b/f used to like to slow dance with me and put his hands on my *** while we were dancing and raise my skirt so my pantied *** was hanging out. He'd notice which guys were staring at me and then invite them to use me, when they were done he'd use me and when he would *** it was like a volcano erupted inside me!!!

Sounds like you enjoyed it as much as he did. What about your current outings? You still enjoy the odd flash or the accidental exposure?

damn, i love that she does that for you... enjoy her my man.. you're one very lucky dude... thanks for sharing.. great story!