Dancing In Skirts

When ever I wear a mini now, I never wear panties with them.  My current bf insisted that I stop wearing them regardless of how short they are.  I like going out and teasing men with some of my shortest skirts. I have about 30 skirts - all above the knees but I do have a few that when standing are an inch or  two above my *** cheeks. You can see my butt when you look straight at it from behind.   They barely cover my ***** when I stand - actually one of them doesn't and you can see it if you look straight on.  My bf usually picks one of the shorter ones out and likes when I wear one of these when I go out with my friends or on a date.
I like to go dancing and these loose fitting skirts are great to wear when you go to the club. When I'm gyrating on the dance floor my skirt bounces up and down pretty much exposing everything to anyone that is looking. I like dancing with men as they will grab my bare ***.  I can sometimes feel them against me and can feel their hardness. I've picked up a few guys teasing and taunting this way and twice did it a club as its pretty easy to find a dark secluded corner to have a quickee. One thing we've always liked about skirts (actually learned in college) is the easy access aspect of it all. If I want some I just spread my legs a little and pull him inside me for a quickee. My bf encourages me to do this and wishes I did this more often.
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9 Responses Aug 30, 2011

I'd love to be at the same club as you honey

You have a gorgeous *** dear....thank you for sharing

I too find all the attention on the dance floor quite flattering, though I am always with my man and I don't take things to the physical level. <br />
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However, I don't recall EVER wearing panties at a night club, in my entire life... :-)<br />
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During the day I tend to wear medium short-to-medium length skirts or dresses - and a few long ones - but never mini or micro-mini (I am over 40, and although I am still in good shape, I just prefer a little extra length). However for when I go clubbing I have a few skirts that are so short that you could call them belts. When I take my coat off in the club, heads turn all round, and I can feel my face flush (do ya know that feeling, girls?). I just love being aware of some guy's gaze at my kitty when the skirt is too short to cover it, and dance extra sensually to accentuate it.<br />
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It's soo hot out there on the dance floor, that the less I wear the more comfortable I am.

Sounds soo sexy and naughty - a real turn on for me; your hubby is lucky

Mmmmm, yum! I would love to go dancing with you.... that is really hot.

I love a women to tease me. Especially a short skirt and no panties..WOW.........I like to tease to Ladies.........

This is just the kind of fun that my GF and I love!

Thanks for encouraging us to feel your ***!

would love to find you in that secluded corner so i could feed you my ****

I would think so...