Micro Mini Skirt At The Airport..

It happened when my bf have to pick me up in the airport. I want surprised him with his request to wear a micro mini skirt with no panties on. I actually trvelled with my jeans but upon reaching the airport, I changed my jeans and wear a short skirt. I want to show him that I dont anything underneath. First i was uncomfortable but later on I began to enjoy it..its a great experience of wearing a mini skirt with no panties...well, that was my first time..I felt so very uncomfortable..lol..it happened during the time when my boyfriend arrived at the airport..this was the second time we've I met with my boyfriend. Because he loved to see me wearing skirt without panty, then I just followed his request but then I enjoyed it also..lol..:)..everybody is staring at me..hmmm..I love being the centre of attention. I don't care about the people could see that I dont wear anything, I just cared about my boyfriend ..:))
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1 Response Jan 18, 2013

My god....That is hot!!