My Wife In A Micro Skirt, No Panties, See-Through Top And Her High Heeled ****-Me-Boots.

When we go out, my wife normally wears a micro skirt that just covers her ****, a see-through or a micro top that just covers her nipples, holdups that leave a fair amount of bare flesh before you meet the micro skirt and her high heeled ****-me-boots.
Next time when we go out she says she will wear an even shorter micro skirt that doesn’t cover her *****, and a top that leaves her nipples uncovered. And she told that she will sit and lean against the bar, and that she will spread her legs wide so all men can see right up her gapping ****. And I can take pictures!!!!!!!!!! I really love her for being such a horny ****.
ProudSlutHubby ProudSlutHubby 41-45, M 25 Responses Mar 29, 2013

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I would love to see her in the outfit you described.

how is she doing is she okay now?

She's OK, but still needs recovering, knees, neck, wrists, still not fully functional, and lots of pain.

Our continued wishes are with her.

So did she? Did you? And if so, have you posted them?!! :)

No, unfortunatly she has had a serious carcrash, and is still not all recovered.

So sorry to hear that. Hope she makes a full recovery soon.

Oh no! Our thoughts & prayers are with her for a full & quick recovery.

Please add me ald love to see ur pics

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I love it..

Sorry need to go and relieve myself. But mmm mmm mmm

The mental image is making my **** throbbing with desire. And I haven't even seen her or her pictures. Please add me?

Just let me know which bars you usually visit! ;)

Yes, this is very hot!! Would love to be there! Remember to write down the details for the rest of us to enjoy!

Gawd, sounds awesome. I'd love to see the pics of her out and about, teasing and taunting. Add please!

I would love to see pics!

can I bring my camera too!?

wow what a woman mmmm


Pics will follow, just have to wait beter weather, especialy with the ****** weather we have here for the moment!!! So don't worry, but a little patience!!

I would love to see what she wore. The way you describe it leaves a very hot image on my mind.

That sounds like a great time!! Good luck and keep us posted!

Add me as a friend as I love her avatar I would like to see some more of her

Did she? Has she? Don't keep us hanging!!

where is the bar she is going?

Ah lucky lucky guy... I wanna stare at that slit ur wife has :)

I would sure love to see that

would love to see!

So perfect outfit for a ****

Please add me I would love to see you're sexy wifes pics

I think she knows how to dress for success!

We too love her being such a horny ****. It makes our bar experience hot!