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Teasing Nerds

So I was wearing some loose running shorts (and no panties of course!) and I was sitting on a stool in my science class, and I think some nerds caught a glimpse of ***** because they were just staring a my legs, so I decided next class I would wear my micro mini.
Ok so the next class, I think as soon as they saw I was wearing a skirt they sat in on the other side of the room facing strait at me, they were already trying to catch a sneak peek and u hadn't even started yet! So I slide of my stool witch lifts up the back of my skirt a little so I lift it up just enough that they could see my ***** then sit back down, now they know! To be continued…
NikkiX NikkiX 18-21, F 8 Responses Nov 16, 2013

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Guys I hope you see this, they suspended my account! :,( I'm so sorry I dont know what to do. Please message me on this account if you know how to fix it!

I see that.

You are so damn hot...!!!

On behalf of nerds everywhere ... Thank you!! :)

Sounds like a great science class. Wish I had been there.

Would love to hear more

I bet they had such hardons as they never had before

Pls keep posting.