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Teasing Nerds 2

So where was I um oh yeah so now they know, so now that I had their full attention I thought id play with them, so I crossed my legs hehe. After maybe like 5 minuets I acted like I was going to fall asleep (the lecture was so boring it wasn't hard) so I slowly uncrossed my legs as drifted of to "sleep" slowly letting my legs part to a more comfortable position. Maybe after a couple minuets I pretended to wake up even though my heart was pumping I was so horny and excited my ***** was dripping.
I was feeling so naughty that I couldn't help myself, I started teasing my *****, I've gotten good at restraining myself from moaning but I was in a completely different world when I heard the teacher call my name! Crap! I pined my skirt against the seat afraid someone might see, then my teacher asked "are you texting?" I heard the little nerds snickering and I was about to say no when I realize I'd have to explain what was actually doing, so I said yes. Thankfully he didn't ask for my phone since it wasn't in my hand.
With that scare I was too terrified to keep going so that was it. :(
NikkiX NikkiX 18-21, F 11 Responses Nov 17, 2013

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Guys I hope you see this, they suspended my account! :,( I'm so sorry I dont know what to do. Please message me on this account if you know how to fix it!

Quick thinking though

Great story! Next time go to the teacher after class, and tell him what you were really doing, but explain that you were too embarassed to say that in front of the entire class. I'll bet he will have a great reaction!

lol you are great your bf is a lucky guy

Don't have a bf.

what a pity.......a bf would keep you well satisfied and benefit from all of your showing off too ;)

"With that scare I was too terrified to keep going so that was it. :("

Still awesome :)

Now you know why you need to stay focused if you're gonna be a teaser

You seem to be a very fun girl!

I'd love to watch you play with yourself!

He he he maybe teacher had already seen what you were doing and wanted to join in with his tongue to help you out a little....i sure as hell would love to help you....add me as a friend please ...

lol thats a funny story :)

Women without panties are sexy.