I Hit The Jackpot.

So ive known this foxy milf for awhile now and recently started texting her and then things got interesting. I always knew she wasnt just a regular "mom". She has a tongue piercing and an incredible body and does not dress like a regular "soccer mom" type. So our conversation slowly got to be more sexual and she was drunk texting me one night and I got some details out of her. Turns out she has been in 2 **********, both mff, and occasionally gets with one of her female friends which her bf knows about. And she has been sending me dirty pics too. Ive been asking more about her history recently and she is a total freak in the sack. She has been with an 18yr old and when she was in her 20s been with a 45yr old. Also she told me she used to be a ******** back in Cali when she was 23 and even ****** some of her clients. I asked her if she wanted to hook up with me sometime and she said she has a bf and shouldnt, but i told her what a naughty girl she has already been and would like it. She said if it did, it'd be a one time. Then I asked what if she liked it too much? And she told me that could get tricky.

So now I got this super kinky milf im sexting and she is sending me dirty pics(might post some). Im just waiting for the right time to hang out with her because of her kids and bf, but when i get the chance im going to make her my little dirty fucktoy. I love dirty milfs like her, so much fun.
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4 Responses Sep 22, 2011

So..have you done her yet???

yes i agree there a lot of, specialy if she is ur wife

i would act like im cool with a 1 time thing. cuz if she thinks ur after more she might not go for it, as to not screw up her bf situation. but if u give it to her good youd prob be able to hit it more than that. she sounds dtf no matter what, just an opinion. good luck, fellow milfhunter.

yes i do! put up pics of her