I Say Yes Sir! Oh Sir U Are Hot!

If there's something sexy in this world, it's a man in uniform....specifically ARMY/MARINES....millitary in general uniforms. They could be ugly.....but damn those uniforms make them look sooooooooooooo good!! LOL I just can't stop flirting to millitary mens, i think is an adiction..........am i millitaryholic?? LOL
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Mmmmmm MARINES!!!!

Your a *****... thats what you are a tag chasing, rack rat, barracks ***** *****! & i pray you never come in contact with my husband who happens to be a marine because i would straight up kill you & not feel bad about it at all... so play with fire & see if your *** dont get burned! :)

i second MissingHim20! enough said.

wtf girl! you had better not be flirting with no taken boys cuz you'd be in deep f*cking **** if you were flirting with my man like that!

I am a man in uniform. U.S. Marine here checking in for duty maam.


I agree. Something about a man who stands up for what he believes in. The bravery & courage. And something about having those guns strapped to them turn me on.

Girl , where do you live!!??? LOL

OMG i envy u so much! LOL

P.s. Men in suits too!

Oh yes they are so hot!!! We went to see the male strippers recently , i just about fell off the chair when much to my surprise a military man took off his uniform.