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I love to sit around with older people who have been in the military and listen to their stories. It's exciting. Hmm ... let me take a step back ... I love to sit around with anyone who has been or is in the military and listen to their stories. Considering a good lot of my friends are in the military. I love to hear their stories. Although some are tragic and heartbreaking, I do what I can to comfort their memory. But the stories of training and their feelings when they found out they were going to be deployed to some exotic or unfriendly territory and their stories of the different places that they visit all peak my interest. The training ops, all that stuff that I call fun and that stuff that they call h3ll. I hear a lot about how the military just screws you over and stuff like that. But ... for the bootcamp ... I'd go. That is the only reason that I would want to go in the first place. Of course I get responses like "you wouldn't be able to handle it" or "you'd just quit" but that is the excitement of it. They don't realize that their negativity toward my interest just makes me want to prove them wrong. Makes me want to show them that even though I look like a girl, dress like a girl that I AM a girl doesn't mean that I can't do what they do. Doesn't mean that they (as in guys .. not all just the ones I talk to hahaha) are any better than I am. But the stories! Oh the stories! I love to hear the stories!! haha.
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if you want to do something big, then do it. there is nothing wrong with having girly red heels and corcorans in the same closet. i did it for years so i know you can do it, just get with the right mindset and you'll be fine ;)

my dream, i wish i can work in the military. my major is RN. im an international student. Plz God, help me to keep up w my dram

If you want to go for it. We are capable of anything they are.<br />
I'm a Marine<br />
I joined cus I figured as a female i would get crap no matter what so i might as well go to the toughest<br />
<br />
I'm super competitive with the males.<br />
kinda weird but I'm excepted by males not as a ***** or a ***** but just as another marine<br />
and i'm a girly girl in the outside world<br />
<br />
point being we are capable of being part of "them"

You can quit only after you time is up....Or has it changed that much???

I was one of the First women in maintenance for the Air Force. We did it FOR you. Join! You can always quit. You will love it!

I was a female in the New Army (????) every few years it is new but never is<br />
I was one of the first female Military Police that the army had. I was also one of the first females that trained in a co-ed unit, and one of the first OSUT meaning One Station Unit Training. We all atarted together and we ended together (hopefully) It is a good life for someone who is single. A bit harder if you have family, meaning kids and a husband. But then I found my husband when I got to my duty station. My hopes and prayers are with you if you go in. If not well there is always something that you can do regarding the military. Write letters, make a pen pal. CHeck out Soldiers Angels website. THey can help you there

If you want to go for it, DO IT! I've been in the Navy for nearly three years. You know what everyone told me? "You won't make it a week" they said. "You'll be crying for your mommy and quit". You are right. All the negativity made me determined to suceed. And I did! I just took my first advancement exam and feel confident that I passed it. If I did, that's just even more proof to those that doubted me. I will openly admit that I am a wuss. Did I cry? H3ll yes. Did I quit? f*** no! You can do anything you set your mind to. And if any of the men try to dish out any s***. Just dish it right back. I've gotten quite good at it. It's the only way to survive in this world that is primarily dominated by men.

You are right, you could do it if you wanted to. I used to be a drill sergeant in the US Army. My job was not to show you how you can't do something, but to teach you how you can. If you want to do it - you can!