Milk Withdrawal

so ever since i was little the only liquid i would intake is milk and water.  i have never drank a full can of pop/soda. probably only had five sips of it my whole life.  
anyways, if i go two days with out milk i start to feel like something is wrong.  i get all heated up and my stomach hurts.  but as soon as i drink that milk it goes away.  i am honestly addicted to milk.  now if i only could quit smoking cigarettes i would have such a healthy life.
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2 Responses Dec 14, 2010

only milk and water? ma brother, thought i was the only one doing that stuff, usually sodas and such leave sugar flavored artificials a very unpleasand flavour in the mouth afterwards, milk for ever mate.

I wonder if you could be addicted to opiates? Please don't be offended by my question, but when the milk protein casein is incompletely broken down, it produces chemicals called caseinomorphins, which act like opiates in the brain. It might explain your milk withdrawal symptoms. You can find out if this is the case for you by getting your GP to do what is called a peptide urinalysis. Peptides are incompletely broken down proteins, and caseinomorphins are peptides. Therefore if they show up in your urine in conjunction with your milk drinking, and go away when you stop drinking it, that indicates that you are experiencing the opiate effect. <br />
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But there is a downside - opiates are not generally encouraged for good health, so if you were having the opiate effect it would be wise to give up dairy. It would be hard at first until you were over the worst of the withdrawal symptoms, but then it would become simply an altered lifestyle.<br />
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But if you chose not to have the test so you could carry on drinking milk with a clear conscience, I would wholeheartedly sympathise!