Got Milk?

Fresh, white, 100% full cream milk. No flavoured, skim or any of that fancy stuff. Moi prefers to have it straight from the cow(unpasteurized), but settles for bottled, what with all these diseases and **** flying around nowadays, one can never be too sure.

I don't count skim/whatever % as milk, its more like wilk, 'cause it tastes so watery. I can't stand it. Same goes for flavored, I find it gross. I think milk is just too good to be ruined with unnecessary shenanigans like flavor. Filk anyone??

Let milk be.
Enjoy it the way mother nature intended, pure, white and wholesome☺
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3 Responses Nov 14, 2011

Fresh raw fridge cold milk is so delicious!

I love milk too. Holy **** how I love milk. I only get 2% because my roommate does not appreciate milk like I do and wants to minimize the fat content. I wonder if milk is addictive. Because if so I'm an addict. It's so good for you yet so bad in excess. Do you just enjoy cow's milk or do you enjoy soy, coconut, etc, milk? I love all of them, which makes me think it is the flavor that I love so much.<br />
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Nonetheless, MILK is awesome!

I don't drink a lot of flavored milk, either--too sweet. While I love the taste of delicious whole milk every now and then, 2% is my favorite. Ack, but I use skim because I worry about my weight.<br />
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Oh, man ... there's this farm in town and they sell their milk at the local farmer's market and at some of the organic grocery stores. Even their light milk is rich and creamy ... milk is straight up my drank :)