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The Reason I Got Addicted

This is embarrassing and had been my secret for like 4 years or so :b

There was a saying that had been passed down for generations saying that milk gives you bigger bosoms. And being the then curious and gullible me (14) , I was unsatisfied with how flat my chest were and yeah XD

I drank like 3 cups a day and it soon became a daily routine before becoming a need. At first I just wanted to grow my bosoms but it ended up tasting even better and better every time I drank it and now my fridge is literally full of milk cartons that my mum always heave a sigh as she saw me drinking them. XD
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Did it work?

if you want 2-3-4 cups sizes fuller ....induce lactation ...only takes 3-4 weeks and you will be surprised, just taking fenugreek and blessed thistle with mothers tea gives a full cup bigger

Doesn't milk make you gain weight? Not just to your boobs but everywhere too?

Hehe! Hope it helped you. At least you love milk!
Best Wishes, AT

what it is to give a good result? Whats your size now??

I heard that before too

I'd be dead without milk.

Drinking Milk is better than drinking soft drinks and coffee or tea. It's nothing embarrassing. I still prefer drinking a glass of milk before going to bed at night.

Lol.. Did that worked?

That's hilarious, and a great story!

I have always heard rubbing ***** on them makes them grow faster. Its the testosterone that does it. At least that was what i told my girlfriend, but only if she made it come out and rubbed it in. Of course this was before the internet. Girls are a lot harder to trick with this one anymore ;-)

we all want to know..did it help you...please share!!!

Did it help them to grow?

So you happy with your boobs now?

Too funny. It is amasing what we believe wwhen we are younger. There are much worse things to be addicted to. Just drink 2% or 1% and you will cut down on the fat. Milk is good for you but just does not make the boobs bigger.

You have found out that drinking milk doesn't cause bigger boobs. There are massages and exercises that can do the trick but time and patience and dedication are required. When all is said and done, it's not the size of your boobs that makes you attractive, it's your self-confidence and your congeniality

I've always loved milk and I drink it all the time. I also have unusually big boobs for my this would make sense

Yes I live on milk aswell , I grew up on A Beef farm & helped my best friend run his Dairy farm . Milk does A Body Good ( Got Milk ) . Love 2 be friends , Just add me .

I love your candor, and openness. Very attactive. With such openness and seemingly deep desire to help others, I hope your protection is even bigger than your openness.

Anyway, I loved milk when I was young, always wanting more, perhaps because I hated the heavy well water. I love milk now, again, as older. Concerning the effect cow milk has on boobs, I have heard the same thing as you. I don't know how long it takes to take effect though. In the past 5 - 10 years I have seen more younger teenagers that have very large boobs than ever before, and I'm told that it is from whatever the dairy farmers give cows to produce more, or collect more. I haven't seen your boobs, of course, but I hope you can NOT be so concerned. I find your openness and willingness to make yourself vulnerable for the sake of others, unity, and mere sincerety plenty attractive. That should be what draws a real man to love and long to please you.

I think milk in these amount can't be healthy , there are other foods which may be of more benefit your chest :)

Milk does a body good! There are a great many things that you could be addicted to that are FAR worse for your health! Good thing you are not lactose intolerant huh? LOL.
You are very interesting person btw, I've encountered many of your responses lately. A young woman with a curious and open mind gives me hope for the future!