Why Love Millk?

Why do you love milk?

I'm pretty sure nobody got laid because they loved milk.. (do correct me if I'm wrong -- but someone did get laid indirectly because of milk)

Now that I think about it. I'm not exactly sure why I love milk. The GotMilk commercials must have something to do with it. Brainwashers. There might be something sexy with milk mustaches though. Or maybe I'm just a health freak.. Is it the taste? Is it the texture? Maybe I just really really love cheese and it's the thought that the milk will become cheese one day. I sure hope it's not because I have nipple secretion cravings.

Maybe I love it just because..
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3 Responses Sep 11, 2007

I wise I could human breast milk.

Why were you stressed?<br />
<br />
Bawling, kicking and screaming usually works for me. But that only happens before my period. And I usually take a few days off work 'coz I'd always have this urge to eat the office supplies. Scented erasers usually go down first.

I don't love milk, but I get these awful cravings like today when I stopped by Sheetz to get a milkshake. Then, I ate a candy bar. Snickers. I was really stressed.