The Old Fashioned Way

When I was a kid there was a drug store not far from us called Drug Fair later it was Dart Drug and they still had the little sitdown bar where you could get soda's and food and I went there at least once a week for a milk shake. Back then it didnot come from a machine it was hand made. They used fresh ice cream not this soft stuff you get at Micky Ds and they would put it in a big silver mixing cup and mix it and bring it and a big glass to you. Those were real milkshake's and I sure miss them.
Robert1256 Robert1256
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3 Responses Jan 6, 2011

Those kind of milkshakes were the best!

Handmade milkshake.... i want it.....

Oh Robert, they were so thick and sweet. I worked in a restaurant in Jr. High school. We used those big mixers for malts & shakes.Plus, we gave the customer a big & tall glass with the xtra on the side. They got alot for a low price.Two scoops of ice cream, cup of milk and let it mix. So thick we'd almost spoon it out of the tumbler. Malts were made about the same way. We added a scoop of a powdered malt mix. That was delicious..With a real cheeseburger..what a fine meal.