My Milk Shake Brings All The Know The Rest =-d

Yummy creamy sweet icey goodness in a cup with a cherry on top .. come on what can you say rivals that in life ... except if you say
crumble oreos on top and drip ohh so slowly hot fudge on top .. *sighs * before I go into my joyous rapturous chocolate frenzy I would also like to add one thing .....SPRINKLES .....

kitti out !



softkitti softkitti
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8 Responses Feb 16, 2011

=-D yesssss

I love me some strawberry banana milkshake.

mmmm I found the best little pharmacy that makes them the old fashioned way! Soooo yummy!

yayayy you must make me 1 milkshake every three days fro the rest of your life !!=-D

Oh...Great..Even I love milkshakes!! I must learn to make them at home!

lol.. I know .. that last pic .. her hair is begging to have a straw dipped in it .. =-D I guess she was dressing as a futuristic drag queen ?? ah la la latoya why !!???

*giggles* yayayayy *runs to sd with the biggest chocolate milkshake ever*=-D<br />
<br />
why thank you pixie darling .. this post is slurp friendly !!=-P

i loveeeeeeee milkshakes !