I Like The Attention I Get

i know its naughty but im a naughty girl teasing men in my mini skirts, i had my new red mini and corset on when i was skying last week with my red fishnets and red stilettos, all i did was bed over and he *** straight away, i think he was a tad embarrassed as he hung up on me, ha it was funny , i do get a lot of attention though men are like dog's with there tongue hanging out I LOVE IT
mistresskate2u mistresskate2u
31-35, F
3 Responses May 25, 2012

You are naughty!!!!!!!!!!!!

You accomplished your goal - showed that you are hot enough to make a man *** without even touching him. Do you get wet and maybe ****** during these skype calls as well - bet you do!!! would love to see that outfit thou - sounds very - very sexy. I'm aroused just thinking about it. M-m-m-mmmm

Great story, I like girls who love teasing men